Unique Perspective


What Sets Us Apart

ironSource Display is setting a new standard for cross-platform advertising. As our own most demanding customer, we push the limits of our superior technology to outpace the industry standards. Our team has the experience and foresight to make sure your campaigns always hit their mark. Come see for yourself why top companies trust ironSource Display to find the right users for their software.

  • Design

    Need a fresh ad design? Our top-class designers can whip up visuals that dazzle and convert.

  • Account Management

    Our account managers eat, sleep, and breathe display advertising. Our team is committed to helping you surpass your goals.

  • BI

    Smart decision-making must be guided by data. The ironSource Display BI team will interpret the figures so you can steer your campaign to success.

  • Optimization

    How does ironSource Display deliver results? Our optimization team makes sure your campaigns are getting maximum performance.

ironSource Structure

ironSource Display is one of the four core platforms of world leading digital distribution company ironSource. The ironSource ecosystem is a case study in technological synergy. To reach attentive users, ironSource Display leverages the exclusive placements on installCore downloads. ironSource Display builds off of technology from mobileCore, ironSource’s mobile SDK, to make a bigger impact on smartphone users. And all four cores are bolstered by mediaCore’s optimized media acquisitions.

When partnering with ironSource Display, you’re campaigns are receiving support from all four cores. Our technological brawn and savvy accounts team will make use of our extensive resources to surpass your advertising goals.

Technology Driven

The ironSource Display Ad Server

ironSource Display employs a proprietary industry-leading ad server tailored for software advertising and monetization. The system comes equipped with an intelligent reporting system and real-time updates to keep clients in full control of their advertising activities.

In-House Native Solutions

The ironSource Display ad server constantly optimizes content, appearance, and placement of native ads for our clients and our own in-house products. We use proprietary technology to continuously monitor results and anticipate the needs of our partners. The ad server is the first and most successful display technology to be built specifically for native displays for software acquisition.

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