installCore: The Canvas for displayCore

displayCore has served billions of ad impressions during it’s time on the market. It is no surprise that advertisers looking to make a global impact, particularly in the software vertical, choose to partner with displayCore.

But what really separates displayCore from the rest? We are able to reach so many active users in part because of our cooperation with installCore, the desktop software installation and monetization solution within ironSource.

installCore offers worldwide software distribution and monetization

What is installCore?

installCore is the world’s largest distributor and monetization platform for desktop software. By providing a high quality installation platform, both software publishers and advertisers have an effective means of managing how their software gets in the hands of their users.

Software publishers use installCore as a powerful monetization tool for their products. By distributing their software on the installation platform, they have the opportunity to receive additional revenue without changing their product. installCore capitalizes on the download by making smart recommendations for additional software to the users. When a user elects to try another product, the publisher gets paid.

On the other end of the spectrum, advertisers enjoy the targeting advantages that come with partnering with installCore. Normally when users install a piece of software, there is scant information about what happens after they click ‘download’. installCore solves this problem by incorporating a wide range of insightful business intelligence into a single dashboard. Software advertisers have the ability to find out where and how their products are performing. This level of clarity and information can mean all the difference when exposing software to new markets.

How Do installCore and displayCore Work Together?

Receptive Users

With displayCore and installCore both under the same roof at ironSource, we combine our capabilities to provide unmatched digital advertising services. Software installation is our primary focus, and installCore provides us the tools to give our display partners unique privileges.

Due to its unparalleled global reach, installCore connects with over 5 million users every day. But these are not just fleeting impressions--installCore reaches users during a particularly attentive time frame. During the download, users are much more likely to engage with advertisements for other software, likely because they are already in the mindset of software acquisition.


But not only does displayCore reach users in this receptive state of mind, it is also able to locate and connect with users at a laser-precise level of targeting. installCore`s advanced analytic capabilities can help give displayCore`s display campaigns a heightened understanding of how to execute their next move in the market.

Exclusive Display Placements

Where the relationship between displayCore and installCore truly shines is in the exclusive advertising real estate that they offer to their partners.

Because installCore hosts so many installations (more than 2.5 billion to date), they are able to implement our display advertisements into the download flow. These placements garner outstanding engagement rates and are constantly optimized to drive more installations.

To explore this topic further, whenever a user decides to download a piece of software from their desktop, they are led through what we call the installer flow. This term refers to the series of screens a user sees that give basic instructions on how to complete the installation successfully. Users must decide if they indeed want to download the product they chose, plus various other policy agreements.

installCore hosts downloads for thousands of software publishers from all around the world. In fact, there`s a good chance that any download you perform will be facilitated by installCore. When combined with their partnerships with top tier software advertisers, installCore and displayCore are able to make recommendations that fit specific user segments with pinpoint accuracy.

So when a display advertiser approaches us with an exciting new placement within the software vertical, we are confident that we can offer them real estate that is inaccessible to other ad networks. As administrators and users of our own ad servers and other technologies, we share the same goals as our partners in making the display advertisement conversion funnel as efficient and effective as possible.

installCore gives displayCore clients exclusive ad placements

The Four Cores Working Together

displayCore brings its unique market advantages into every partnership. When a partner approaches displayCore, they can rest assured knowing that the ironSource family of technologies is also on their side.

ironSource houses installCore along with mobileCore and mediaCore, two successful start ups in their own right that bring supplementary solutions to displayCore every day.


As the name suggests, mobileCore is mobile technology that helps developers make a living from their applications. With just a single line of code, developers have access to a full SDK of monetization capabilities that are implemented in a non-invasive manner into their app. When users are taken with the offer and make the download, the developer gets paid.

The beauty of the ironSource cores is that the technology and expertise developed within one group is then appropriated to other teams. mobileCore’s native solutions are direct influences in how we created our native mobile and desktop displays in displayCore. This interdepartmental development keeps our innovation juices flowing, and puts ironSource’s offerings in a league of their own.


Along the same lines, mediaCore works hand-in-hand with displayCore to procure the best content and placement solutions possible. The mediaCore team brings a wealth of experience to ensuring top quality media buying to support the partners for all four cores. Our media team works around the clock to secure the integrity of all ad impressions, across all platforms.

Moving the World’s Software

Working together, the four cores, plus other ironSource in-house technologies, combine to produce a multi-platform experience that gives its partners unparalleled capabilities. ironSource offers its partners the ability to reach users from virtually any user segment, from anywhere in the world.

As if these strengths were not enough, ironSource is especially proud to boast its superior technologies. These in-house solutions are the lifeblood that keeps ironSource at the top of the distribution, delivery, and monetization industries. Our teams of engineers give our partners the flexibility to make campaigns as personal and unique as their software. We can adapt on the fly, and stay on top of the data to make sure your campaign achieves, and surpasses its goals.

To learn more, visit the installCore Youtube channel and the installCore Facebook page.

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