Dynamic Video Ads for Maximum Impact

ironSource Display's video solution is as flexible as your campaign goals

  • High CPM rates and global coverage

  • Direct and exclusive relationships with our partners

  • Strict brand safety and anti-fraud systems

In-House Server

Reliable Back-End


Our tools ensure that advertisements get maximum visibility for every placement. We monitor your campaigns 24/7 to confirm that your ads receive the best traffic possible. For video, as with all our in-house cross-platform solutions, ironSource Display does not tolerate publishers with borderline content.

Full Range Solution

Advertisers have access to premium publishers and high value users, all backed by an ad server specifically geared to support software acquisition. ironSource Display’s optimized video technology delivers high quality content with minimal latency.

Flexible Video Player

ironSource Display’s dynamic video player can adjust to meet the unique requirements for each client. With the cooperation of a ironSource Display dedicated account manager, publishers can determine the appearance and functionality of the video player to create the best possible interface for the user.

Selected Video Partners

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